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Module: Andinism

Duration: 4 days

Period: March to November

Private service

Sajama National Park is located on the border with Chile. Dotted with volcanoes and geothermal springs, this site is also surrounded by countless legends and traditions that are still alive. From La Paz, we will cross the famous Urus lands where we will be able to see some examples of the tombs of the Chipayas Indians (the chullpas). The Aymara population of Sajama is the perfect base camp for long climbs. The reward for our efforts is the comforting hot springs…


Grade II/AD, Max 50° - with mountain guide

Departure from the hotel at 9:00 in private transport. We cross the plateau until we reach the entrance to the Sajama National Park (approximately 4 hours). We then enter the park along a route that will take us to the town of Sajama and, later, to the hot springs at the foot of the volcano.

In the afternoon, verification of the material and then a two-hour walk to get closer to the base camp (with mules). All inclusive. Camping
Note: Mules and porters for the three days of the ascension.

Day 2: ASCENT OF SAJAMA VOLCANO / DAY 2 (5450 m alt.)

We leave very early in the morning to begin the ascent to the Sajama high altitude camp (5450 m alt.) with the help of porters. Five hours of walking among the volcanic rocks.

All inclusive. Cold lunch at midday. Camping in the snow.

Day 3: ASCENT OF SAJAMA VOLCANO / DAY 3 (6540 m alt.)

We got up at 4am to attempt to climb to the summit (approximately 6-7am). Afterwards, we had a 5-hour descent to the hot springs.

All inclusive. Cold food at midday. Overnight in Sajama (limited comfort).


In the morning, a 4x4 excursion to the geysers. This particularly active area offers a unique spectacle of bubbling baths spread over a few hundred square metres. We can also boil a couple of eggs in these boiling, slightly sulphurous waters. From there, the 4x4 will take us to the hot springs at the foot of the Sajama volcano (revered as a god by the local population).

The fauna is numerous and varied: alpacas, vicuñas and ostriches (if we are lucky). Also the flamingos on the Huayna Khota lagoon that we will skirt before resuming the route towards La Paz where we will arrive at the end of the afternoon via the small town of Curahuara de Carangas. It has a decorated church (perfectly preserved paintings). On the way, we will discover chullpas, Caranga tombs, today empty after the colony.

Cold lunch at midday (included). Free dinner. Hotel .

Possible option:

- Ascent to Parinacota (6340 m alt.)


- Mountain guide (one for 4 people)

- Chef.

- Food, meals mentioned.

- Transport.

- 2/3 star hotels with breakfast. Locals' house or shelters.

- Camping equipment for the trek (tents, insulation, etc.)

- Luggage hauling, porters (mules, llamas).


- Individual Equipment (except mats that can be provided)

- Mandatory individual insurance.

- Meals (free, 4 to 7 $us per person / meal)

- Drinks, tips.

NOTE: The hotels mentioned are indicated subject to availability at the time of booking the tour.

In case of unavailability, hotels of the same category will be proposed. Attention, despite the same category, the quality of hotels in Bolivia is frequently less than that found in Europe or other countries.

IMPORTANT: As a security measure, each traveler will carry photocopies of their passport and individual insurance (to be delivered to us in La Paz when they arrive).