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Module: Trekking / Climbing

Duration: 5 days

Period: March to November

Service: Private

The National Park Sajama, located in the frontier with Chile, is one of the most spectacular centers in this country and they meet in him volcanos and geothermal sources, legends and even alive traditions.  

From La Paz, we go into in the highland furrowing lands Urus through which we will discover the calls " chullpas " (mortuary monuments of the indigenous Chipayas). It waits for Us then the town aymara of Sajama, field of base ideal to attempt ascensions of long encouragement. The prize to our efforts: the sources of waters thermal, true natural pools that comfort soul and body. 


Departure  from the hotel at 09:00  in 4x4 private. We cross the highland until arriving to the entrance of the National Park of Sajama (4h approximately). In the road, we will discover the sepulchres well-known carangas with the chullpas name. From pension  El Viajero our trek begins in the heart of the Park National town of volcanos (Sajama 6542 m alt. / Parinacota 6340 m alt. / Pomerape 6280 m alt.). The fauna is numerous and varied: German nickels, vicuñas and ostriches (if the luck smiles us). After 4 or 5 hours of walk we will arrive to the place Huyalilla where he/she waits for us our 4x4 to take us to the population of Tomarapi, famous to have a typically colonial church. 

Lunch. Everything included. Night in the new refuge of Tomarapi (comfort of a hotel 2 stars). 

Note: During the walk, the mochillas will be carried by the vehicle that accompanies us. 


We leave Tomarapi to surround the eternal snow of the volcano Sajama. To day half, we arrive at lagoon Huaña Khota, sanctuary of the flamingos. Two hours of walk more they will drive us to the sources of thermal waters that are to the foot of the volcano Sajama . 

Lunch. Everything included. Night in the Parque Sajama (limited comfort). 

Day 3: SAJAMA - PARINACOTA BASE CAMP (5200 m alt.) 

In the morning, trip toward the geysers. This area, particularly active, offers us an unique show of dispersed bubbling bath on some hundreds of square meters. We will also be able to cook a couple of eggs in these boiling and lightly sulfurous waters. 

Then, in 4x4, we leave heading for the field of base of Parinacota: Inkamarka to 4750 meters high. 

Encounter with the team of our carriers. 2 hours of walk it allows us to reach the field I base of the Parinacota, to 5200 meters . 

Lunch. Everything included. Camping. 


Degree II/AD, Max 50° - with mountain guide 

Verification of the material. Tentative  ascension to  Parinacota and later return to the base camp. 

Without any technical difficulty, ascension without rope and, according to the conditions of the snow, without grampones neither piolet. 6 at 8 hours to return (variables according to the conditions of the time). Of the field it bases, 45 minutes of walk to arrive to the vehicle in Inkamarka. 

At the end of the day, return to the town of Sajama where we will be able to enjoy a bath relaxing in the thermal waters. 

Lunch. Everything included. Night in the Parque Sajama (limited comfort). 


In the morning, return to La Paz (3/4h of itinerary) via the small town of Curahuara de Carangas. It has a decorated church (perfectly conserved paintings). In road, we will discover chullpas, sepulchres carangas. 

Afternoon free. 

Lunch and dinner Free. Hotel. 


-  Ascension  Sajama mountain (6540 m alt.)


- Trekking guide. 

- Mountain guide  

- Cook. 

- Feeding, mentioned foods. 

- Transport. 

- Hotels 2/3 stars. house of the villagers or refuges. 

- Camping site team for the trek (tents, insulating, etc) 

- Porters (mules, llamas).  


- Individual equipment 

- Obligatory individual insurance. 

-  Free Meals 

- Drinks

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Note: Hotels are given as indication under condition of availability when the tour is confirmed.

In case of non-availability, a hotel of the same category will be booked. Warning, the hotels’ ranking category does not correspond to Europe rankings.

Important: As a security measure, please bring photocopies of passport and individual insurance (obligatory, to hand over to us when you arrive).