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Module: Andeanism

Duration: 3 days

Period: March to November

Private service

In the northern part of La Paz there is an imposing mountain. This is Huayna Potosí, a magnificent snow-capped mountain that gives the traveler their first strong emotion even before they have set foot on land. This massive is, without a doubt, the most accessible 6000 meters in the Andes. How can you not be tempted to try to climb? The classic route does not present any particular technical difficulties. Good physical condition combined with good acclimatization to altitude is enough to ensure the success of this company, which has very satisfactory safety conditions.


Departure from the hotel at 09:00 in a 4x4 towards the Milluni valley, 30 minutes from La Paz. Easy ascent of Charquini (5400 m Alt.), a glacier bordering Huayna Potosí (crampons on ice and snow). Descent towards the Zongo valley, all nearby.

Cold food at midday. All inclusive. Night in a refuge at the foot of Huayna Potosí, at 4800 meters of altitude (little comfort).

Day 2: ASCENT OF HUAYNA POTOSÍ / DAY 1 (5100 m alt.)

Grade II/AD, Max 50° - with mountain guide.

Verification of the material.

Ascent to the “field of rocks” (5100 m alt.). Approximately 2 hours of walking to reach the field.

Cold food at midday. All inclusive. Camping.

Note: porter equipment for both days of ascent.

Day 3: ASCENT OF HUAYNA POTOSÍ / DAY 2 (6088 m alt.) – LA PAZ

Departure at 02:00 in the morning. Attempt to climb to the summit and subsequent descent to the refuge where we will arrive in the afternoon (approximately 10 hours in total). Return to La Paz by 4x4 in a private vehicle.

Cold lunch at midday (included). Free dinner. Hotel.


- Mountain guide (one for 4 people)

- Chef.

- Food, meals mentioned.

- Transport.

- 2/3 star hotels with breakfast. Locals' houses or shelters.

- Camping equipment (tents, mats, etc.)

- Luggage carrying, porters (mules, llamas).


- Individual Team.

- Mandatory individual insurance.

- Meals (free, 4 to 7 $us per person / meal)

- Drinks, tips.

NOTE: The hotels mentioned are indicated subject to availability at the time of booking the tour.

In case of unavailability, hotels of the same category will be proposed. Please note that, for identical categories, the quality of hotels in Bolivia is often lower than that found in Europe or other countries.

IMPORTANT: As a security measure, each traveler will carry photocopies of their passport and individual insurance (to be delivered to us in La Paz upon arrival).